Plastic racks

The IFT plastic technologies used for aging food

Suitable for dairy and meat sector, IFT propose plastic racks used for aging food. The production of this type of articles is entrusted to a group of highly specialized professionals, who commit themselves daily to create innovative solutions for each customer.

How many plastic racks? The IFT catalogue

The first aspects to consider when working in the reference sector are the different processing requirements of each customer, as well as the type of meat or cheese treated. IFT knows this problem and, thus, has developed over time wide range of solutions, thoroughly studying the various uses of its products. The company, in fact, can offer different models of plastic racks, such as:

Improve your aging activities: advantages to all need

To obtain an excellent quality seasoning of the meat or any dairy product, however, it is necessary to have high performance food technologies. It is for this reason that IFT dedicates so many resources to the improvement of its articles, choosing the materials used and checking constantly the production phases. Thanks to this approach, the company can provide excellent quality plastic racks, which offer all customers advantages concerning the following aspects:

  • Excellent ventilation for every food product
  • Easily to be washed
  • Great longevity

IFT answer you

To obtain a quote or just more information about the plastic racks produced by IFT, all you have to do is access the contact section and fill in the form you will find inside it. The company will be glad to answer all your question as soon as possible and will help you find the solution that best suits your needs.