Plastic products for salting

The IFT technologies useful to brine food products

Among the various items of its catalogue, IFT proposed plastic products for salting. These articles are designed and produced by a team of high trained professionals in order to simplify the work activities of customer that work inside dairy sector.

Products designed to meet every need

IFT always works to anticipate the requests of potential customers. To obtain this result, it studies their needs, developing different types of technologies that are perfectly suited to a various range of activities. The company, thanks to this philosophy that aims at the continuous improvement of its articles and their innovation, can offer a large number of plastic products for salting, such as the following ones:

Why choose them?

But it is not the only variation of its products that fully satisfies the needs of those working in the reference field. For this reason, the company pays particular attention to the choice of materials used, constantly monitoring the entire production chain. This approach allows IFT to offer plastic products for salting of the highest quality and unique characteristics, which guarantee different advantages, such as:

  • Great ventilation (grids)
  • Lightness
  • Avoid mold formation

More details? Ask to IFT

If you are evaluating to enlarge the number of products in your dairy and need more details about the plastic product for salting offered by IFT, please access the contact section. Quickly and exhaustively, the company will answer all your question or, if requested, will propose you a customized quote.