Ripening and curing shelf

The plastic technologies useful to age meats

Italian company with a long experience in food technologies production, IFT offer ripening and curing shelf that can be used to age meats. The items are completely designed by a staff of professionals with a deep knowledge in the reference field, that work to guarantee each customer technologies able to improve the quality their final product.

The models designed for your needs

The company's first objective is to propose specific items for every need, as well as for each type of activity. It is precisely for this reason that the IFT team has constantly developed new technological solutions, useful for implementing its own catalog. Currently, in fact, the company can offer a wide range of ripening and curing shelves for meat drying. You can choose, for example, between the following types of models:

Two products, many advantages

The company established numerous professional partnerships throughout its history, which have allowed it to get to know the difficulties and problems of those who deal with the seasoning of food products. This experience allows IFT to produce ripening and curing shelves of the highest quality, which make it possible to considerably improve the quality of the final products. Among the main advantages offered by the proposed articles, we can mention:

  • High shelf life
  • Easily to be sanitized
  • Extremely light
  • Forklift pockets (stackable grid with boards)

Furthermore, the items allow a perfect air circulation, fundamental aspect for a correct seasoning process, such as the storage condition.

More information: contact IFT

If you are looking for more information about the ripening and curing shelves realized by IFT, all you have to do is access the contact section and fill in the form you will find. The company will be glad to answer all your question, as soon as possible, or offer you a customized quote.