Plastic aging rack

Plastic and stackable items for seasoning

With a long experience in food sector and, especially, in the production of plastic technologies, IFT is a company located in Mantua specialized in production of plastic aging racks that can be used, for example, for seasoning cheese. These products are completely developed by the enterprise’s team, a group of professionals that work daily to satisfy each customer needs.

All the models produced

To obtain a good seasoning process it’s necessary to employ a specific product for each use. During its history, IFT had the opportunity to meet and work with customers from a wide range of sectors and, precisely to meet their needs, the company has constantly developed new solutions. Following this philosophy of continuous improvement, actually, the enterprise can offer many different models of plastic aging rack, such as:

IFT products performance: the advantages offered by racks

Meet the needs of customers, however, means also increase the performance of offered products. IFT, in fact, pay attention to all productive aspects, choosing the best raw materials on the market and performing special checks on their items before placing them on sale. This way of working allows to propose high performance plastic aging rack, that assure to each company to produce excellent final products for the dairy sector. Among the advantages, for example, it is possible to indicate the following ones:

  • High hygienic standard
  • Easily to be washed
  • Great ventilation useful to prevent mold (holed boards)

Discover more: keep in touch with IFT

If you are deciding to improve your productivity and are  looking for more detail about IFT plastic aging racks, all you have to do is access the contact section. The company will be glad to answer all your questions as fast as possible or prepare a quote if requested.