Plastic ripening shelf

With the expression plastic ripening shelf is defined a type of article suitable for use in the food sector, particularly used within dairies. IFT makes these products and, which are used for maturing activities in the dairy sector.

IFT ripening shelf: colors and sizes

Within its wide catalog, IFT offers ripening shelf for cheeses of different colors. The stackable grid model is produced in blue or white variants, so as to fully meet the different needs of those operating in the reference sector. As for the features, instead, its weight is 3.2 kg, while its dimensions are 760 x 580 x 210 (or 180, 150 and 130) millimeters.

For which cheeses is their use indicated?

The characteristics described above make the IFT grids suitable for a large number of dairy products. Increasingly, in fact, these products made for IFT are used by producers of different types of cheese, such as:

  • Tuscan Pecorino
  • Sardinian Pecorino
  • Goat's cheeses
  • Caciotta
  • Gouda
  • Tomino
  • Muffettato
  • Cascaval

Much more than suitability for food contact: the advantages of IFT stages

The company's first objective is to propose technologies that can improve the quality level of dairy products. In order to guarantee this result, the company produces plastic ripening shelf that respect the highest quality standards. Their production, in fact, takes place by a certified plastic material (food propylene) which offer a high resistance to wear. Among the other different advantages, you can appreciate those listed below:

  • Great resistance to low and high temperatures
  • High versatility of use (salting, seasoning and drying)
  • Easily stackable

All the details on the items? Ask to IFT

If you are considering upgrading the seasoning items at your disposal and want to get more information on the IFT plastic ripening shelves, all you have to do is access the contact section. As soon as possible, you will get an exhaustive response to all your questions or a customized quote, if requested.