Food equipment for bakery

Food technologies suitable for the bread industry

Known internationally for its productions, IFT is a company based in Mantua, which is able to offer food equipment for bakery. Their realization is entrusted to the excellent team of business experts, who work daily with great passion and dedication to customers.

What are the items available?

Each type of bread, to be produced correctly, requires specific equipment. IFT knows this need well and knows how important this is for every baker. Precisely for this reason, during its history it has diversified as much as possible the proposal of articles in its catalog, offering a large number of models of food technologies for bakeries. Among the main products suitable for this use, you will find:

Why use them?

However, offering a specific product for each process is not sufficient to fully meet customer needs. In order to meet the needs of those working in this sector, in fact, IFT pays particular attention to each production phase, as well as to the choice of the best materials, being able to offer excellent food equipment for the bread industry, which can guarantee numerous advantages, such as those concerning the following aspects:

  • Non-porous support surface
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Thermal incompatibility
  • High resistance
  • Easy installation even on existing structures and supports

More information?

The contact section is available within the site, useful for obtaining a personalized quote based on your needs or, more simply, more information on IFT bakery food equipment. To receive all the details you need, you will need to fill out the form on the same page.