Food equipment for diaries

Food technologies suitable for the dairy industry

IFT is a Mantuan company, also known internationally for the creation and proposal of food equipment for dairies. Process entirely Made in Italy, the realization of these articles is entrusted to a team of highly specialized professionals, who take particular care with every moment of their production.

Which models are suitable for this use?

IFT knows the needs of its customers, who deal with the production of different types of cheese. Precisely for this reason, in the course of its activity it has always been concerned with proposing alternative solutions for each dairy product, creating a wide range of food technologies for dairies. In fact, within its catalog, you will be able to choose between different models of items, such as:

What advantages do they offer?

The diversification of the articles, however, is not enough to obtain the full satisfaction of the customers, who, increasingly, need to obtain high quality articles. By paying particular attention to the choice of materials used, as well as thanks to specific checks on each production phase, IFT is able to offer excellent food technologies for the cheese industry, which are able to ensure the obtainment of advantages related to:

  • Less chance of mold growth
  • Reduction in the number of useful seasoning revolutions
  • Reduction of sanitation time

More details?

If you need to get a quotation tailored to your needs or if you want to get additional details on food technologies for the dairy sector, all you have to do is use the form in the contact section. In a very short time, the company will be happy to answer all your questions in full.