Plastic food boxes

Plastic containers suitable for storing food

Based in the municipality of Mantua, IFT is a highly specialized company in the realization of plastic food boxes, which are chosen daily by customers from all over the world. Their realization is entrusted to a team of professionals with long experience in the sector, who work every day with an extraordinary passion.

What models are offered?

In order to meet the needs of its customers, IFT can offer a plastic food box with a flat bottom, available in white or in various other colors on request. The one proposed, specifically, is a container with grilled walls certified for the food sector, mainly used for cheeses, but also for cured meats and other types of food.

Why use them in your company?

The choice of the best materials on the market, as well as a constant development of new technologies, allows IFT to offer its customers excellent plastic boxes for the food industry, which offer a series of advantages during their use. Among their main features, we find those shown below:

  • Extreme solidity
  • Easy to sanitize
  • Easy to stack

Finally, thanks to a special lateral drain, stacking them will prevent the liquid of the upper cassette from ending up on the one underneath.

How to request more information?

If you need to get a personalized quote or if you are looking for more information on the plastic boxes used in the food industry, the contact section of the site is available to you. By filling out the form inside it, you will have the opportunity to get a quick and complete answer to all your questions.