Plastic equipment for fishmongers

Plastic food technologies suitable for those involved in selling fish

Headquartered in the city of Mantua, IFT is a company that deals with plastic equipment for fishmongers for several years. The items in question, also marketed internationally, are designed by a team of highly specialized professionals, who work daily with great passion and dedication.

Which items are suitable for this sector?

Through a constant study of the needs of customers coming from the reference sector, IFT was able to constantly expand its catalog and propose a wide assortment of plastic technologies suitable for fishmongers. Among the main types of products offered for these professionals, the catalog includes:

What advantages do the items in question offer?

The objective of the company is to satisfy even the high-quality standards imposed by the market, which every customer must respect in order to offer a high-level final product. In order to obtain a result of this type, IFT offers excellent equipment in plastic material for fishmongers, which are made with the best materials on the market and with particular attention to detail. Among their main features, there are:

  • Non-porous surfaces
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Great resistance
  • Thermal non-conductivity

How to receive more information?

If you need to get a customized quotation or if you simply want to receive more information about the plastic equipment for fishmongers offered by IFT, the contact section of the site is available to you. By using the form inside it, you can receive an exhaustive and rapid response to all your questions.