Cold cuts smoking equipment

Food technologies useful for smoking sausage products

IFT is a company from Mantua, which has been operating in the food sector for several years, offering cold cuts smoking equipment and numerous other items. The realization of these technologies is entirely entrusted to the company team, which is composed of highly specialized professionals, who work constantly to satisfy every request.

Which technologies are suitable for this sector?

Through a deep knowledge of the industrial field of reference and thanks to a team that studies in depth the needs of its customers, selecting the best materials available on the market, IFT is able to offer a large number of technology models for the smoking of cured meats. The company, in fact, over the years has been able to diversify its proposal, creating specific models of equipment for each application. Among the main items for this type of operation, you can find:

Why buy them?

However, in order to fully satisfy customers' needs, diversifying their production is not enough. IFT knows this aspect well and, precisely for this reason, it deals with constantly improving the quality of its products, being able to offer excellent equipment suitable for smoking cold cuts. Thanks to the extreme care with which they are made, you will be able to appreciate advantages regarding aspects such as:

  • Excellent hygienic quality
  • Noticeable ventilation to avoid mold
  • Less need for overturning

How to get more details?

If you need to get an ad hoc quote for your needs or simply want to get more information on smoking equipment, all you have to do is go to the contact section and fill out the form inside. The company will take charge of your requests and will respond as soon as possible.