Food equipment for fishmongers

Food industry technologies suitable for those involved in selling fish

Based in Mantova, IFT is a highly specialized company in the production of food equipment for fishmongers. This type of products, increasingly sought after for their uniqueness, is made by a group of highly specialized professionals with long experience in the sector, who work daily with great commitment and passion.

Which items are suitable for use in this sector?

Those who work in this specific sector need to obtain items that are perfectly suited to every type of processing of the final product. Through the excellent training of its team, IFT is able to ensure a perfect match for each application, proposing a large number of food technologies suitable for use in the fish sector. Among those proposed in its catalog, you will find, for example, those shown below:

Why buy them?

In addition to being quantitative and versatile, IFT wants to satisfy the quality expectations of its customers. In order to obtain a result of this kind, the company staff is constantly trained, so that it can be updated on the latest scientific innovations and create excellent quality food technologies for the fish industry. Those who rely on IFT, in particular, will have the opportunity to appreciate the advantages offered by the products, concerning aspects such as:

  • Non-porous surface
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Resistance
  • Thermal incompatibility

How to request more information?

If you need to get a personalized quote based on your requests or if, more simply, you are looking for more information on food processing equipment for fishmongers offered by IFT, go to the contact section. By filling out the form that you will find inside, you will be able to get an exhaustive answer to all your questions.