Food equipment for pastry shops

The technologies of the food sector useful for professionals in desserts

From its headquarters in Mantua, IFT is an internationally known company for offering food equipment for pastry shops. These products, unique in the world, are made by a team of professionals with long experience in the field, who work every day to find the right solution for each customer.

Which items are suitable for this sector?

Those who work in the reference sector need to obtain items perfectly suited to any type of work or environment. IFT knows this need well and, in order to ensure a perfect match for each application, offers a wide range of food technologies suitable for use in the pastry sector. In fact, you can find in his catalog:

What advantages do they offer?

One of the main objectives of the company is the complete satisfaction of its customers, even the most demanding ones. In order to meet every need, the company team is constantly formed and studies the latest innovations in the scientific field, in order to be able to propose excellent food equipment for the cake industry. Specifically, those who rely on IFT can appreciate the many advantages offered by the products, which concern, for example, aspects such as:

  • Non-porous surface
  • Easy to clean and sanitize
  • Thermal incompatibility
  • Resistance
  • Easy installation even on existing structures and supports

How to get more information?

If you need to receive a personalized quotation or if you simply need to get more information on the food processing equipment for pastry shops offered by IFT, all you must do is access the contact section. The company will provide you with a complete answer, in the shortest possible time.