Plastic equipment for pastry chefs

Do you have a pastry? Are you looking for plastic equipment to improve your work? Choose IFT, Italian Food Technology, and its plastic equipment made only with the best plastics on the market and designed to improve the production processes of customers.

Which are the advantages of food equipment?

IFT is the only company in the world that produces these types of equipment for pastry chefs and therefore the products are specific for the work to be performed and innovative. The food equipment also:

  • allows replacing wooden equipment
  • thanks to the plastic materials used for the construction, at the same time they guarantee lightness and strength
  • does not require manpower
  • does not transmit heat
  • are easy to sanitize and require minimum washing and drying times
  • are suitable for contact with foodstuffs, in compliance with CE regulations and directives (EC Regulation 10/2011, EC Regulation 1935/2004, EC Regulation 2023/2006, EC Directive 19/2007, EC Directive 2002/1972, National Ministerial Decree of 21/03/1973 and sm).

What operations can be performed?

The main IFT proposals for the confectionery sector are polypropylene shelfts, trays and holed boards, and these allow:

  • rising process
  • freezing
  • drying
  • post baking of sweet.

These processes are possible because the plastic equipment is very resistant, can also be installed on existing structures and supports, resist heat, have a smooth surface and are easy to clean.

More information?

If you want more information on IFT plastic equipment designed for pastry chefs, fill out the form in the contact section, the staff will be happy to answer all your requests and offer you their experience to recommend the best products for your work.