Plastic equipment for pasta factories

Do you produce pasta and are you looking for plastic equipment for your pasta factory? Choose the equipment IFT, an Italian company specialized in the study and implementation of plastic solutions and equipment for pasta factories!

Why choose IFT?

IFT is a leader in its sector and is the only company in the world that realizes these types of specific equipment for pasta factories and agro-food industries. The equipment are created using the best plastic materials on the market and this, together with the experience and professionalism of the staff, allows IFT to create innovative products, able to meet the needs of customers and improve their production process.

What processes the plastic equipment can be used for?

IFT equipment are built with customers, to find the best solutions to improve production processes, and are used for:

  • drying of pasta
  • creation and processing of fresh pasta
  • for the freezing of pasta.

In particular, for the drying process, IFT has designed and built a completely smooth and interchangeable plastic frame for static dryers.

What are the advantages of plastic equipment?

Choosing to use the plastic equipment in your own pasta factory allows to replace and consequently zero the possibility of finding wood or aluminium particles in its products and not to release chips during the handling of the products. In addition to these advantages, IFT equipment:

  • are resistant
  • have a non-porous surface
  • allow better ventilation
  • does not conduct heat
  • allows deep cleaning and sanitization in an easy and fast way
  • can also be installed on existing structures and supports
  • are made in compliance with the rules and certifications for contact with food.

More information?

If you want more information on plastic equipment for pasta factories and receive assistance from IFT, fill out the form in the contact section. The staff will be happy to answer all your requests.