Manufacturer of equipment for dairies

IFT, Italian Food Technology, is an Italian company, born in Mantua, a leading manufacturer of equipment for dairies. The products made and proposed are real solutions, which allow customers to use equipment that can improve the production process and respond to continuous market developments.

How are the equipment for dairies made?

The equipment for dairies are made with the best plastic materials on the market, in compliance with national and European laws and certifications. IFT is the only company in the world that produces these types of equipment and specific products for dairies. The plastic used to make food equipment allows the equipment to be easily sanitized, light and strong.

Which are the equipment for dairies?

IFT food equipment can be used for different types of cheese (such as, asiago, toma, grana, pecorino, caciotta) and are mainly used by dairies for maturing and can be for example:

  • boards, in food-grade polypropylene, available in different sizes, designed as shelf for shelving, racks and trolleys, for seasoning but also for drying cheese; the table has rounded and conical holes that allow the forms not to remain marked and to breathe
  • box, in high-density polyethylene, with closed bottom and grilled walls, is ideal for stracchino cheese, as it allows the draining of liquids for the grilled walls, moreover the lateral protruding edge, when the crates are stacked, allows the dripping does not go into the lower boxes
  • grilled boards, in alimentary polypropylene, realized with injection moulding, allows the forms of aeration cheese and therefore can be used, as well as for seasoning, also for drying, in shelves of shelves and trolleys.

Thanks to compliance with safety and hygiene standards, IFT equipment can standardize cheese production, increasing the quality of the finished product.

More information?

For more information on food equipment for dairies and to receive assistance from the IFT staff, fill out the form in the contact section with all your requests.