Plastic equipment for the food industry

IFT-Italian Food Technology is an Italian company that produce plastic equipment suitable for food industries.

What equipment does IFT do?

The plastic equipment produced by IFT are made with the best plastic materials on the market and above all in compliance with current regulations. The plastic products are excellent solutions able to meet the needs of customers and improve the production process. Among the various equipment offered by IFT and available on the online shop you can also find:

  • stackable boxes, available in white but also in colours on request
  • drying frames, which replace old wooden or aluminium frames
  • stackable grids, which allow the ventilation of the products
  • perforated boards available in different sizes, can be used as shelves in shelving or trolleys
  • stackable trays, useful for drying, dehydrating or drying products.

In which sectors plastic equipment can be used?

The plastic equipment made by IFT can be used in all food sectors, as they are made in compliance with the laws and in compliance with national and European regulations and directives concerning plastic objects intended to close with food products. The sectors for which IFT makes plastic equipment are:

  • dairy, mainly with maturing equipment
  • meats and cured meats, for the processing of meat and equipment for delicatessen, slaughterhouse and food freezing
  • pasta, for the drying, the freezing or the making
  • bakery, for leavening, for freezing and for drying
  • confectionery, for leavening, for freezing and for drying
  • fruit and vegetables, for dehydration, for drying and for handling and storage
  • fish, for drying, for freezing and unfreezing and fir handling and storage

The solutions proposed by IFT are suitable for small, medium and large industries.

More information?

For more information on plastic equipment for the food industry, get in touch with IFT, the staff will be happy to answer all your questions.