Plastic equipment for food stores

Do you have a grocery store and need equipment to organize and to position your products? Choose the plastic equipment designed for food stores of IFT, with products and solutions made of plastic suitable for contact with food and able to improve their production process.

For which products can I use IFT plastic equipment?

IFT equipment for food are aimed at any type of food stores, in fact they are made and designed according to the best plastics on the market. The IFT equipment can be used for:

  • the maturing of various types of cheese
  • the smoking, the freezing or the unfreezing of meat and sausages
  • the manufacturing, the drying or the freezing of pasta
  • the leavening and the freezing of the bread
  • the making, the leavening, the freezing and the drying of sweets
  • the drying, the handling and the storage of fruit and vegetables
  • the freezing/unfreezing, the handling and the drying of fish.

What are the characteristics of the plastic equipment?

The IFT plastic equipment, besides being designed to offer high-quality and high-quality solutions and products, are designed to meet the different needs of customer use and in particular:

  • comply with the rules and certifications
  • respect workplace safety
  • allow to reduce the manpower
  • do not require any kind of maintenance.

More information?

If you want more information on IFT plastic equipment for food stores, fill out the form in the contact section with all your requests.