Sale of equipment for food

Are you a food manufacturer and are you looking for suitable equipment that can improve your production process? IFT sells equipment for food made with the best plastic raw materials on the market.

Why choose IFT food equipment?

IFT is a leader in its sector and is the only company in the world that produces these types of equipment and products specific for food industry. The innovative products proposed, for many years now, are used by the most important agri-food industries; the IFT staff are therefore able to propose and realize a wide range of products able to meet the needs of different food sectors. The equipment also complies with national and European hygiene regulations.

Where can I purchase IFT equipment for food?

Food equipment can be purchased using the online shop. In addition, IFT products are also available from various retailers worldwide. The sale of products is based on the reliability of the products, on the speed of processing orders received and on references and case history acquired over the years.

What services does IFT offer?

In addition to the production and sale of food equipment, IFT offers:

  • customer service, to guide the customer in choosing the most suitable products for their production and to accompany them in the after-sales service
  • pre-sales technical advice aimed at creating together with the customer products useful for their needs and able to improve the production process.

It is also possible to request the design and construction of shelves, trolleys and other items with a stainless-steel structure that support plastic articles.

More information on the sale of equipment for food?

For more information on the sale of equipment for food, fill out the form in the contact section of the site and the IFT staff will be happy to answer all your requests.