Production of equipment for food

Are you looking for food equipment to use in your business? Choose the tools of IFT, Italian Food Technology, a company specialized in the production of high quality, resistant and compliant plastic equipment for food industry.

What equipment for food produces IFT?

IFT is a company founded in Mantua, a leader in its market, which produces high-quality and super-resistant equipment for food with plastic materials and according to the latest technology. The products in addition to being suitable to close to food items, are also designed to improve the production process of the companies that use them. Among the food equipment made by IFT can be found:

  • boxes, stackable flat bottom crates with very strong and resistant grilled walls, ideal for use in dairies, as a stackable container for their products, thanks to the interlocking system
  • grilled boards, useful for different food sectors, are made in different sizes, depending on the needs of customers and resist up to -40 ° and + 110 °
  • pallet, with plastic crosspieces, for handling and transporting food
  • smooth boards, to be used in the preparation or post-cooking phases of the food, act as a support or base for processing, are available in different sizes and can withstand different temperatures.

How does IFT production work?

Every product created by IFT is born after having studied and selected the best materials available on the market, to offer customers a product as well as resistant and quality, also, in compliance with the regulations and CE directives concerning plastic materials intended to close to food products. Each production lot, in fact, are coded to obtain the maximum traceability of the products produced.

More information?

If you would like more information on IFT production of equipment for food or technical advice to check the solutions that best suit your needs, fill out the form in the contact section of the website.