Mission & Vision

Innovation and planning to serve the customer needs

IFT puts its customers and all those who need to obtain the highest quality food technologies at the center of every initiative. Precisely for this reason, since the first years of activity, it has given particular importance to the concept of corporate Mission & Vision.

Efficient and innovative food technologies: the Mission

The company has always distinguished itself for the great commitment in the renewal and improvement of the items and services offered. Indeed, IFT's mission is to offer the most innovative, highest quality and highest certification products in the plastic equipment sector for dairies and food industries. In order to achieve this result, the company pays particular attention to the analysis of the specific needs of the different customers, as well as to a constant regulatory, quality and technical update, in relation to the reference sector.

A future marked by new goals: the Vision

Looking to the future as a new challenge, always to be faced with a specific focus on customer needs. This approach is the basis of a long-term vision that focuses on concepts such as precision, innovation, planning and solidity. It is precisely for this reason, moreover, that IFT aims to expand its business on new foreign markets, where it is not currently present, through participation in new trade fairs and the creation of two new products, which they can be used in new applications.