About us

Professionals at the service of customers specialized in the production of food technologies

IFT S.r.l. is a company composed of professionals specialized in the creation of food technologies, which are at the service of their customers and offers on the market their own articles produced according to the highest quality standards and made with the best plastic raw materials available.

Where does the company work?

The company deals with the sale of food equipment all over the world, to the best industries in the dairy sector, meat and sausage sector, pasta sector, fruit / vegetable sector, fish sector and bakery and confectionery sector. IFT's strategy is not limited to offering a wide range of products and solutions on the market, but is concerned with providing its customers with personalized service and serious technical advice during the selection process.

Why choose IFT?

Through a long experience in the sector, IFT is able to offer a large number of services and articles of the highest quality. By choosing to rely on the company, in fact, you will be able to relate to a team of professionals who will allow you to:

  • Obtaining a unique product in the world - IFT is the only company that produces this type of equipment and specific products for dairies and agri-food industries.
  • Use items that have already obtained international recognition - IFT products are innovative, but already used for several years with great satisfaction by the most important dairy and agri-food industries on the world market.
  • Using plastic food technologies that comply with hygiene standards - In fact, the new national, European and international hygiene regulations are "obliging" to remove wood in dairies and agri-food industries.
  • Finally, IFT currently boasts a product range and experience that covers the needs of the dairy and agri-food sector at 360 °.