Caseificio Sociale Valsabbino

The perforated polypropylene boards for racks

The cooperative "Caseificio Sociale Valsabbino" was born, thanks to the will of a group of breeders, in October 1982 as a natural evolution of a reality that had been operating in the area for several years, and with the specific purpose of keeping the Valsabbina dairy tradition alive , becoming in a few years a fundamental point of reference for all the productive realities of the territory, also and above all for all those farmers who wanted to continue producing in the mountains. The members who deliver the milk to the dairy are exclusively located in the Valle Sabbia area; it is from these farms that the milk for the production of dairy products typical of the valley arrives.

The production processes, for which only and exclusively milk produced by the members of the cooperative is used, follow in all respects the famous dairy tradition of the area, which has always been closely linked to the characteristics of the products and the territory, such as the small size of the farms and the prevalence of brown breed cows from which cheese and cheese are born which are unique in their organoleptic properties and taste.

For its curing process, the Caseiifico Valsabbino, in its first warehouse, has chosen to equip it with fixed racks complete with IFT holed boards in food-grade polypropylene according to EC standards, model TFSE.

This allowed the company to:

• season in a clean and hygienic way as the PP boards are hygienic and washable and can be   sanitized quickly and easily

• have an economic saving given by a lower turning of the forms allowed by the special holes of boards that allows the cheese to transpire even from below

• better quality of the finished product given by the greater aeration and better maturing of the cheese

The dairy also purchased from IFT, for the construction of the second new seasoning warehouse, the stackable racks complete with grilled tables mod. TAGR, a solution that allows you to optimize the space and capacity of cheese inside your cell both in the static phase and in the handling phase.