Formaggi Chiodetti

Our stackable grids for maturing Pecorino cheese

Gianni Chiodetti, supported by continuous dialogue with industry technicians, takes care of choosing enzymes and enzymes, composing them into new blends, to obtain the optimal effect and create new types of cheeses. The production reflects the firm belief that tradition is a precious wealth of knowledge, to be used to build new goals. Chiodetti cheeses are distributed in qualified shops in central Italy. They are selected by the large-scale retail trade as typical products of Viterbo's Tuscia. And they are on the menus of great chefs in prestigious restaurants.
The Chiodetti are descendants of Abruzzese shepherds, who brought the sheep in transhumance to the Tuscia of Viterbo. Finally they settled here, dedicating themselves to breeding, agriculture and the activity of a small dairy. The sale of the product took place on the farm, or in the weekly markets in the area. At the end of the 90s, Gianni Chiodetti took the lead in production, experimenting and expanding the range.

Which products did the dairy choose to mature?

Formaggi Chiodetti company has chosen to mature its cheeses on our stackable grids for some years with excellent results, both as regards the final product and as regards the hygiene and sanitation of the aging cells.

The advantages of this type of seasoning are the lower number of form turns, less mold formation, the ease of cleaning and sanitizing the grid and the manageability of moving the grids on special pallets always supplied by IFT.

Chiodetti transforms about 6 thousand liters of sheep and cow milk every day. Freshly harvested, zero-kilometer milk from Tuscia in the Viterbo area. Every month, around 7,000 forms of various sizes and different maturations leave the production laboratory, where ten employees work. A typical and original production. Linked to the territory and tradition, but the result of research and experimentation.