Pasta d'Alba

Plastic frames for drying organic quality pasta

Pasta d'Alba is an artisan pasta factory based in the province of Cuneo. The business was born in the heart of the Langhe from an intuition of its founder, Dario Mainardi, and his wife Rosangela. The goal was to create a family-run artisan and organic pasta factory, able to combine quality, tradition and innovation of ingredients and processes.

The philosophy of Pasta d'Alba is based on craftsmanship and the extreme final quality of the product, the result of an accurate selection of raw materials - fresh flours, often ground and stone and coming from certified organic agriculture (sometimes biodynamic). Among these we find Italian grains, wholemeal flours, ancient cereals, gluten free and 100% legume flours. But to ensure a truly artisanal and superior quality pasta, every detail must be taken care of, including the various manufacturing processes such as drying, for which adequate equipment is needed. This is why Pasta d'Alba has decided to turn to IFT.

The IFT products chosen by the pasta factory

For years IFT has specialized in the production and sale of plastic frames for drying pasta which ensure maximum quality and process hygiene. Pasta d'Alba needed to replace its dated wooden frames and therefore chose our polypropylene frames to dry their homemade pasta. Marco Mainardi, production manager, assures that "the company is doing very well with the polypropylene frame and that the article has certainly brought an upgrade and several advantages from a working point of view".

The advantages of IFT frames for drying pasta

There are several benefits brought by the plastic frames of IFT including one, important and fundamental for a company that produces pasta and works in the food world (of the highest quality, above all): not to find flakes or particles of external agents in the final product. Danger averted by the IFT frame, one of the reasons why Pasta d'Alba chose it, along with several other advantages:

  • the frame is certified for food contact and maximum hygiene;
  • lightness and ease in daily use;
  • strength and resistance, so much so that even after multiple washes, there are no substantial differences in the frame.