Caseificio Alta Valsesia

Quality seasoning with IFT plastic grids

The Alta Valsesia Dairy is a limited liability cooperative company, founded in 1956 by some breeders from Piode (VC) to organize the collection of milk produced in the area and its transformation into cheeses including, in particular, the renowned "Toma della Valsesia ", P.A.T. product typical of the area.

The first plant, which started operating in 1958, had a daily processing capacity of 10-13 quintals of milk; in the eighties the plants were enlarged to reach an average of 80 quintals of milk. Now the new plant, designed and built according to modern and functional criteria, allows to rationally organize the processing of the "milk" raw material brought by 35 suppliers. The production sees cheeses, butter and ricotta always processed in optimal conditions of hygiene and healthiness, which guarantee consumers superior quality artisan products. To keep these standards high, the Dairy turned to IFT.

What products did the dairy choose?

For years IFT is specialized in the production and sale of articles for the dairy sector that allow safe and hygienic manufacturing processes (such as seasoning). The Alta Valsesia Dairy needed hygienic and certified supports for the seasoning of its own cow and goat milk tomes. For this reason, he chose to buy IFT polypropylene cheese grids. According to the Production Manager, Marco Cottini, the choice of the grids has brought various working advantages, such as:

  • stacking;
  • the convenience of automatic product washing in automated machines;
  • resistance to high temperatures.

The holed boards choice

In addition to the grids, the dairy has recently chosen to try a more classic solution, such as the 120x80 cm stainless steel racks complete with mod.TAFO perforated boards, again for the seasoning of the cheese. Also for this article the choice was very satisfactory for the dairy, both from the hygienic point of view and from the point of view of the processing itself: now the forms breathe more and the formation of mold is less.